How to

How to make perfect cup of Shirakawa-cha!

There are three different brewing methods with different water temperatures. 

  1. Standard -- hot green tea.
  2. Popular -- cold green tea.
  3. Special -- Iced water blew green tea.

Following is very important tips to make a perfect Shirakawa-cha. (All other green tea too.)

  • Use fresh filtered / spring / mineral water which contains less calcium. ex: Cristal Geyser, Volvic etc..
  • Appropriate temperature of water.
  • Appropriate amount of tea leaves.

Let's enjoy Shirakawa-cha!

<<  1. Standard  >> Hot water brew green tea.

  • Using hot water, you feel much more aroma, but hot water increase bitterness and caffeine.
  • Houji-cha and Genmai-cha contain less caffeine than regular green tea, and good for all generations.
 180 ml / 6 oz water
 5 g / 0.17 oz

 70 ℃ - 80 ℃ / 156 ℉ - 176 ℉

* You can use boiled water such as 100℃ / 212℉ temp. for Houji-cha and Genmai-cha.

 50 - 60 sec.

* 30-40 sec. is enough steeping time for Houji-cha and Genmai-cha. 

1)  Pour hot water into the cups and allow to cool.

* When the cup is warm enough to hold in your hand, the temperature has dropped sufficiently. This will lower the temperature by about 10 degrees.

2)  Put the tea leaves in a teapot and pour the hot water into the teapot in a gentle circular motion.
3) Wait until the tea leaves open, about 1 minute. If you wait too long, the tea will become bitter. Divide the tea into several portions so that the tea is evenly thickened. Pouring out each last drop is very important, because it has lots of Umami. Do not leave hot water in the teapot. Tea in the pot will be bad and bitter taste.



<<  2. Popular  >> Cold green tea.

  • You can store in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.
  • Brewing tea with low temperature water results in a tea with less astringency, more umami and sweetness.
  • Since caffeine tends to be released from tea leaves at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius, the water brew green tea is a decaffeinated tea as a result.
 1L / 33.8 oz (0.26 US gal )

 10g / 0.34oz 

* 7g for Houji-cha and Genmai-cha. 

 Room temperature.

 1 night. ( 6-7 hours in refrigerator.)

1) Place tea leaves and water in a 1L container.

If you are using a 2L container, double the amount of tea leaves.

2) Keep it in the refrigerator overnight (6 to 7 hours).

Once done, separate the tea leaves from the tea at your desired strength.

If the tea leaves are left to soak, they will become astringent. You can use a tea strainer or a drainage net to separate the tea easily.

3)  Poring tea in the cups.

Store in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

You can also enjoy it hot by heating it in the microwave.


<<  3. Special  >> Iced water brew green tea.

  • Iced water brew green tea is like a espresso.
  • You can enjoy strong Umami.
  20ml / 0.68oz
 5 g / 0.17 oz

 Some ice cubes

 3-4 min.

1) Place the tea leaves and some ice cubes in a teapot.

Add a small amount of water so that the ice starts to melt.


2) Wait 3 to 4 minutes for the tea leaves to fully open.

Pour into a small cup and serve.

You will enjoy the rich flavor and taste.