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Fresh Japanese Green Tea From Shirakawa Town in GIFU


As main places for Shirakawa-cha's production, Shirakawa-town and Higashi-shirakawa-village are located in the mountains and are one of the northernmost tea plantations in Japan. There is a large temperature range between day and night in these highlands. Shirakawa-Cha is carefully cultivated within terraced fields with stone walls, on the steep slopes of mountains. As the morning fog shields the tea from direct sunlight and holds warmth, new tea leaves for tea production grow slowly and become soft, saving Umami and flavor nurtured in the mountain.


Fresh scented Sencha“Kaoru”

Sencha“Kaoru”had developed by 17 tea masters and 10 tea factories together for over three years with traditional skills, which have 450 years history to keep deep flavor of Shirakawa-Cha. "Kaoru" has a mix of traditional and modern taste, and has become popular as a local specialty.

How has tea nowadays become different from the past? One of the answers is “scent”. In the past, the tea factories and their surroundings were filled with the scent of tea.But it isn't so any more. We reviewed all tea processes and realized that the wilting process was missing.At the present, the picked tea leaves are immediately processed by machinery in order not to spoil the flavor, as freshness is important for Sencha to maintain its fresh scent. In the past, the picked tea leaves were spread out on the floor of the farm houses, then sorted and brought to the tea factory. As it sometimes took a day for small factories to get to the processing stage, they wilted slightly and got their distinctive scent.Black tea and wine get their scent by aging for a certain period. But aging is not good for Sencha, whose freshness is important. For this reason, we spread out tea leaves indoors for a while to get them slightly fermented by internal oxidase and to develop its flavor. We turn the tea leaves over, checking its development, for about 15 hours. It is a long process, which requires time and effort, but this is how the distinct scent of "Kaoru" was born.

You can brew "Kaoru" in hot water and get a refreshing scent like flower, or in cold water, to get a strong scent.“Kaoru” teabags are also available. With them you can easilymake tea even in summer : just put one in a tea pot or a water bottle with cold water.


Where to order Sencha "Kaoru"

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